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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cordless and clueless

I have learnt a lesson from my friend Grannymar---and my brother may get offended that I didn't learn it from him.

I can write just a few sentences and it need not be a page long blog.

I am pretty annoyed right now as my Panasonic Cordless phone's battery has died on us. Any attempts at getting spares is futile. All the retailers are only interested in selling new ones--or so feels the husband--and the company outlet is tucked away in a remote part of the city.

Why do I need one...well I have to talk at length with people, interviewing them about such profound topics like where they like to eat, why they like a suburb, what shops they prefer buying stuff and so on. Now with the landline I sit on my bed, with a notepad (the original spiral bound variety) a pen and take down notes....not really comfortable, is it.

Why don't I go shopping for a new one or source the battery you may ask?

I am now under a blanket ban from my daughter not to step foot into an autorickshaw after my adventurous accident in one two weeks ago. More on that soon. Poor husband has to drive me around and has zilch patience for shopping.

Thinking of alternatives.


  1. I'm with your daughter. Sit and let the grass grow as your eldest brother is so fond of saying! I hate when modern technology stops working. The cordless phone is such a benefit to modern life.

    I hope you source a new battery very soon. Rest plenty.

  2. I think that you are daft using a Panasonic mobile phone. Get yourself a Blackberry. If you don't like the idea get a nice Nokia.