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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First mango

Summer is creeping in on gusty warm winds. It is still pleasant inside my third floor apartment, but if you go out, the heat hits you. I sit in direct sunlight every morning to absorb natural Vit D. Today the sun was sharp!

I also used my first raw mango---a teeny weeny one--in my sambhar to give it its tartness. I don't use tamarind as the husband can't tolerate it. Usually I add a dash of lemon, but in mango season, I enjoy the fresh flavour that mango gives.

My daughter says she has still not spotted the first Alphonso mangoes in Mumbai where it usually appears around this time at shocking prices of course --Rs 300 for EACH mango. Incidentally last year the farmers who exported the 'aapoose' mango as it is called locally claimed that they got this price!

In my house the first mangoes come in only for my father-in-law's death anniversary ceremony...this year it is a little late and falls on April 12th. If we get ripe mangoes before that, we may be tempted to break the embargo.

Watch this space!!


  1. I love Mangoes but I need to learn a simple way to remove the stone.

  2. Grannymar, we simply take it in our hand and grate it free of pulp with our teeth.

  3. The mango is termed as Amratfalama, the fruit with the taste of nectar.

  4. When we lived in London, we used to get boxes of Alfonso mangoes, they were wonderful - and it's something we haven't, as yet, found where to get now we're in rural Wales.

    While it seems very 'coals to Newcastle', if you can buy mangoes online, my husband found a site that ships within India and is slightly less expensive. I won't put it in this comment in case you're not interested!

  5. Val--the first mangoes of the season are being advertised on the net---and they are prohibitively expensive here too...the Arab world imports most of our best mangoes. In South India we have many other varieties that nature gives to us after another for the next four to five months. The alphonso is called King of Mangoes so only they can eat it now.